A Guide to a Successful College Experience

A guide to a successful
college experience
compiled by: ardis bazyn

Ardis Bazyn is a motivational speaker, coach, and author and may be contacted by email: abazyn@bazyncommunications.com (link sends e-mail) or through her website www.bazyncommunications.com (link is external).

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Whitepaper On Rehabilitation and Training

White paperonrehabilitation and training
The American Council of the Blind is an organization of blind people with tens of thousands of members in seventy affiliates with members in every state of this country. At our Board of Directors’ meeting on September 24, 2006 the Rehabilitation Task Force was instructed to prepare a White Paper on Rehabilitation and Training of people who are Blind which was to be ready for dissemination by the end of December. It was the Board of Directors’ intention that this paper would respond to what we believe is a crisis in rehabilitation. The paper is intended to provide not only background to the current situation but also includes a series of recommendations which can be used by our affiliates and by other interested organizations in formulating their policies and attitudes towards this vital service delivery system which is responsible for the vast majority of adjustment to blindness services and placement endeavors for people who are blind in the united states. herewith, then, is the paper.
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